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blog in English

I'm so sorry for not writing diary so long time.

The computer lab where I can type Japanese is still closed.
That's why I can't write. But I realy want to renewal this diary,
so I'm going to write in English.
If it makes you nurvous I'm so sorry.

(After I come back to Japan, I'll write in Japanese.)

I'm going to talk about Japanese TV shows in America.

Here in America., Japanese Anime or some superhero drama (ToKuSaTsu)
is very popular.And we can watch some of Japanese anime series like Pokemonn, Dragon Ball Z, Abaranger, Dekaranger....

Titles of superhero dramas are different.

Abaranger=Power ranger DINO

Dekaranger=Power ranger SPD

This weekend, I will watch Power ranger SPD ...if I can.
But I already watched Power ranger DINO.

I think story is quite different. (I've never seen Abare. But Yellow ranger usually sings at the end of story.)

Oh, and I watched Pokemon.
Charactors voices are quite different. In America, only men acting female characters.So, Satoshi"s voice is lower than Japanese , example.
BUt...Pikachu's voice is same as Japan!!!
So I was surprised about it, but I could listen its voice with no feeling that something is wrong.

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