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English blog returns

My staying here in America will finished soon.

Today, we taught Origami to non-Japanese. Some Chinese, American, Brazilian, Indian...

So we made lots of origami stuffs.

When we taught to Indian, a woman said "Do you want to try Hena?"

Hena is a kind of body painting, and it is an Indian culuture.And she said she can draw it on our hands so we asked her.

How amazing!!!

It is very cute!!!

It will be erased naturally after 2 or 3weeks.
So....when I came back to Japan, I'll be able to show them to my friends.

Tonight, we'll have a farewell&graduation party.
I really miss my teachers and my host familiy.

And tomorrow, we'll leave here on 6:30 am, and go to Disney world resort!!!!!

I think next diary will be written in Japanese!!!( I mean, after cameback to Japan.)

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Are you an exchange student?
so you go to U.S.A~

But, it is really a good experience to go oversee. ^_^

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